Mail/Package Instructions

If you’re going to send a letter, please address it as follows:

Jon & Tanya Parks
Za dolnym mlynom 57
040 16 Kosice-Myslava
Slovak Republic

PACKAGES need to  be handled a little differently…


  • Before we moved here, we sent some books to ourselves in Slovakia so we could do some price shopping.  We found that the US Postal Service had the best prices by far – at least for heavy packages.  But it’s still not really cheap!
  • If you have time and get some different results when shopping around, please let us know so we can tell other people who want to send something!


  • Value – do not value the item at a high amount.  Mark as “gift”.  The value should not be any more than $15 or $20.  (or less for a smallish package)
  • If you value the package at a high value, we might never get it – packages that enter the customs process are at best delayed for weeks, and frequently get lost or damaged.


When sending anything “spillable” – liquids, grits, candies – please make sure they are well-packaged, and wrap in one or two layers of ziploc bags!

Take off all tags or anything that might make the item look new.  Don’t include any kind of sales receipt or anything that would make it look new or show the item’s value.  As with any package, make sure that it is well padded to protect the contents.


Put only one name on the package – preference would be Jon (not the girls).  Also write our telephone number somewhere on the package so the delivery service can contact us about delivery.  So format the address as following:

Jon Parks
Za dolným mlynom 57
040 16 Košice-Myslava
Slovak Republic
0911 834 787


As much fun as it is for us to get surprises, we prefer that you let us know that the package is coming so that if it doesn’t arrive in a reasonable amount of time (two weeks or so) then we can go to the Posta looking for it.


For a current wish list of things we can’t get easily here, click on the “WISH LIST” tab on the top menu.

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